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Ormeau, Gold Coast

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Hiring high reach forklift driver for one of our client specialized in manufacturing auto parts.


  • $30-$32 per hour casual rate 
  • Exclusive ongoing opportunity for the right candidate


An exceptional career pathway awaits your expertise. Our client, a distinguished name in the auto parts manufacturing sector, is in pursuit of adept High Reach Forklift Drivers to enhance their operational prowess. If you command the skills to navigate heights with finesse, coupled with a commitment to upholding manufacturing standards, we extend an invitation to explore this esteemed opportunity. Take the wheel of your professional journey today by applying to play a pivotal role in our client's ongoing legacy of success.


  • Operating High Reach Forklifts: Safely operate high reach forklifts, which are specialized forklifts designed to handle materials at higher elevations, such as on tall racks or shelves.
  • Loading and Unloading: Load and unload materials from trucks, pallets, and storage areas using the forklift. This involves lifting, positioning, and stacking materials with precision.
  • Picking Orders: Retrieve materials and products according to order specifications. Ensure accurate and timely picking to support production and shipping processes.
  • Material Handling: Move materials within the warehouse to their designated locations. This includes transporting goods from receiving areas to storage locations and from storage areas to production lines.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of materials and products using inventory management systems. Update records as materials are moved, received, or shipped.
  • Cleaning and Organizing: Keep work areas clean and organized. Remove debris and obstacles that could hinder safe forklift operation.
  • Safety Adherence: Operate the forklift in compliance with safety guidelines and regulations. Use proper safety equipment, follow established protocols, and maintain a focus on preventing accidents.
  • Assisting with Other Duties: Depending on the needs of the warehouse, high reach forklift drivers may be asked to assist with tasks outside of their primary responsibilities.


  • Forklift Certification: A valid forklift operator certification is often required. If not already certified, many companies provide training and certification programs.
  • Previous Forklift Experience: Prior experience operating forklifts in a warehouse or industrial setting is advantageous, as it demonstrates familiarity with equipment and safety practices.
  • Safety Awareness: A strong understanding of safety protocols and guidelines related to forklift operation. This includes knowledge of load capacity, proper load handling, and safe maneuvering techniques.
  • Spatial Awareness: Excellent spatial perception to navigate tight spaces, aisles, and loading docks with precision, especially in busy or confined environments.
  • Attention to Detail: Careful attention to load stability, balance, and positioning to prevent accidents, spills, and damage to products or equipment.
  • Basic Maintenance: Familiarity with basic forklift maintenance tasks, such as checking fluid levels, inspecting tires, and reporting mechanical issues.


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